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Wonton this kind of cate is original traceable our country is northward, popular now at countrywide each district, people is in make muddleheaded when, pork, shrimp can be joined inside the flesh and a variety of vegetable, the person of different place has different way, what introduce today is fresh pork mixes Tun stuffing, this kind mixes Tun very welcome also, the introduction makes this kind of muddleheaded correct move below.

What does encyclopedia of practice of stuffing of fresh pork wonton include?

The first, fresh pork wonton


Flour 200 grams, water 100 grams, alkaline 1 overcome


1. flour is added water and alkaline face and into dough, next roll becomes full-length film, despise a few

2. again the face piece 50% discount the width that goes to 6 centimeters

3. cuts echelon, among if be afraid of,stick, can asperse rice starch of a few jade

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4. wraps stuffing makings

5. general is a few wider piece tuck up

6. next both sides to among hold tighten can

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. Do good wonton

Turn on the water in 8. boiler, after water leaves, enter wonton, to wonton float rises can

What does encyclopedia of practice of stuffing of fresh pork wonton include?

The 2nd, wonton of fresh pork of corn bright stay of proceedings


Advocate makings: Pork (accipitral mouth flesh) , sweet corn, bright stay of proceedings, carrot

Condiment: Sea day mixes stuffing oyster sauce, sesame oil, salt, give birth to pink


1, the chop after pork cuts man is sodden, the dig after carrot husks becomes filament, sweet corn cuts bead, bright stay of proceedings cuts Cheng Xiaoding, full data mixes together, it is chop a bit again, let them mix better;

2, join in meat stuffing mix stuffing oyster sauce, sesame oil;

3, join salt;

4, join unripe white;

5, divide water that adds 100ml left and right sides (also can be Jiang Cong water) , add every time a bit, after waiting for meat stuffing to absorb equably, agitate is added again;

6, the muddler that uses eggbeater or chopstick, side with same a directional agitate; If use muddler, the container that suggests to install meat stuffing wants a bit deeper, otherwise, splattering easily is everywhere.

7, meat stuffing agitate comes a glue can;

8, bag wonton, take skin of a piece of wonton, however stuffing of one spoon wonton puts an inter, stuffing is not too much, squeeze broken wonton skin easily otherwise;

9, the bag way that likes according to oneself and appearance, had included dumpling soup;

10, ordinal had included dumpling soup (not be the word that takes at that time, put into freezer refrigerant to hard hind, 10 one bag is used last bag of cent outfit is good, when wanting to eat, take boil OK)

11, the wonton that boil, heat one boiler water, after water leaves, put into wonton, medium baking temperature is boiled;

12, intermediate dot 2 cold water, essence of right amount salt, sesame oil, chicken, chopped green onion, white pepper is put in big bowl, the water that takes one big spoon to boil wonton in boiler arrives in the bowl agitate, let salt dissolve, contain wonton into big bowl together again even boiling water can. There is green in the home, I ironed dish of a few West to eat cough up together!

What does encyclopedia of practice of stuffing of fresh pork wonton include?

The 3rd, wonton of fresh pork of shelled fresh shrimps


Raw material: Arctic shrimp 400 grams, pork stuffing 400 grams, leek 100 overcome

Condiment: Oil of any of several hot spice plants of cooking wine, soy, salt, pepper, oyster sauce, blend oil, cane, sesame-seed oil each are comfortableForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Defrost of 1. arctic shrimp, I am taken from freezer compartment ahead of schedule commonly put refrigerate or room temperature defrost;

Chop of 2. pork stuffing is good, 3 share out ill-gotten gains 7 minutes thin;

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Pick wash clean, drop does moisture;

Mix of oil of any of several hot spice plants of wine of the feed in raw material in 4. pork stuffing, soy, salt, pepper, oyster sauce, blend oil, cane, sesame-seed oil is even;

5. arctic shrimp gathers up a shelled fresh shrimps, cut Duan Fang to mix into meat stuffing divide evenly;

6. leek cuts end to be put in;

7. mix is even, wonton stuffing with respect to mix up;

8. is taken oneA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Wonton skin puts stuff of right amount stuffing;

9. coils two fold;

Two horn below 10. are 50% discount hold together, a wonton is good with respect to the bag;

The dumpling soup that 11. has included discharges a platoon, the dumpling soup that I include is general stuffing is more, true leather thin stuffing is big;

The infuse inside 12. boiler filters water is burned;

13. issues wonton to thoroughly cook;

14. puts bit of salt, chopped green onion, shrimp in the bowl greatlyFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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What does essence of skin, chicken, Xianbei show;

15. goes to wonton dip in big bowl, sprinkle caraway dust, vinegar and chili oil are moved according to taste when eating.

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