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To the person of Sichuan area and Hunan area, they are to prefer eat hemp and hot. Hemp and hot these two taste have an identical characteristic, the oral cavity that irritates a person namely then eats accordingly hemp and hot be helpful for appetizing. And when the people of these areas is having a side, also prefer take hemp hot side. Because hemp hot side and other face rise quite,taste want bright a few, what to need to feed capable person when but be in,making hemp hot range?

 Recipe of hemp hot side

[hemp hot side]


Thick broad-bean sauce, dried small shrimps, chinese prickly ash, chili, oily, green, caraway, the flesh, green chili, salt, flour, vinegar


1. flour, salt, oil adds right amount water to knead dough (should a bit some harder) , with the machine that control an aspect 4 archives are pressed into the face piece, cut wide range with the knife piece.

The area leaves after 2. water is burned piece, treat a range piece one is burned to boil since float cast with respect to fish out cool fill a bowl.

3. is worn a medium material, the chili that use blueness cuts man, rouqieding, caraway end, chopped green onion, thick broad-bean sauce, chili, chinese prickly ash, dried small shrimps. A few oil is put inside boiler, chili and blast of Chinese prickly ash ripe, fish out is put cool grind end. The oil that use a base continues to add diced meat, green pepper, chopped green onion, thick broad-bean sauce to fry a fragrance, add right amount water (if have soup-stock best) burn.

4. adds salt, dried small shrimps, caraway finally, 1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Chili and end of Chinese prickly ash, enter an area piece inside the bowl can, like vinegar to be able to be added more someShanghai night net

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 Recipe of hemp hot side

[hemp is hot cool surface]

Material: ? Mop beautiful?00 is overcome, cucumber 50 grams, soy 20 milliliter, sweet vinegar 35 milliliter, white sugar 8 grams, salt 3 grams, face of Chinese prickly ash 5 grams, garlic 3 valve, sweet green 1, balm 15 milliliter, chili is oily 15 milliliter, earthnut or ripe sesame seed a few


The water in 1. stockpot is burned, join a few salt, one spoon next (divide evenly of 15ml) edible oily agitate, put noodle agitate to come loose next, addForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
The lid is boiled boil to water, in changing next small fire, add the clear water that makes an appointment with 100ml left and right sides, heat boiling water again, with the chopstick clip breaks noodle feeling to have a place slightly hard, the Bai Xin that there still is touch among can involve fire, drop in temperature noodle fish out with cold water;

The drop after 2. noodle air is cool does moisture, drench on edible oil mixes divide evenly, lay open prevents adhesion. Right now the flavoring such as powder of face of soy, will sweet vinegar, white sugar, salt, Chinese prickly ash, balm, garlic mixes even, pour condiment on noodle before edible, scattering on end of cucumber silk, sweet green, earthnut mixes divide evenly, drench on chili is oily can.

Xiao hang:

The noodle that makes cool range had better use fresh noodle, have interest quite so, taste bouncy bright is slippery. Fine dried noodles has been boiled very easily, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
And the fine dried noodles that thoroughly cook parts not easily, stick easily into Tuo, mouthfeel is bad;

Besides cucumber, the dish of collocation cool surface still can use silk of bean sprouts, carrot, green pepper, chicken to wait a moment, but those who need an attention is, shredded meat needs to be thoroughlied cook ahead of schedule, bean sprouts, greenery is vegetable a kind need to shift to an earlier date scald is ripe.

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[hemp is hot face]

Material: Garlic sprouts 2, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Bovine cutlet 200 fair grams, fabaceous skin 1, duck blood 1, a few of acupuncture needle stay of proceedings, help 1 person portion, cup of bovine soup-stock 1/2, green 3, laojiang 5, the head of garlic 10, chinese prickly ash 1 cup, sichuan pepper sauce 1 cup, bittern bag 1 packet

 Recipe of hemp hot side


1. green and garlic sprouts are cut paragraph reserve.

2. explodes with salad oil sweet green paragraph, after Jiang Pian, garlic and Chinese prickly ash spill over to fragrance, scoop up take salad oil only except material.

3. joins Sichuan pepper sauce, mix slightly with small fire fry, put package of bovine soup-stock, bittern again, add boils about 1 hour, became one boiler smell is sweet hot full-bodied hemp hot a prescription for a medical decoction.

4. general garlic sprouts paragraph, stay of proceedings of blood of skin of bovine cutlet, beans, duck, acupuncture needle puts sesame hot Shang Zhong is thoroughlied cook.

5. burns one boiler water additionally to will pull a face to iron ripe, drop doing is placed into the bowl, join hot boiling water of right amount hemp and course of action the material of 4, it is the hemp hot side of a bowl of sweet hot enough smell namely.

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