” wolf ” is problem of before proceed with 6 big core combed be left to revise by cruel implement?

” wolf: The shadow passes 2 degrees ” will land PS4 on March 22, xbox One and PC platform, chinese edition synchronism leaves sell. Many before closed ” ghost sob 5 ” players, also be itch to try to should be being made, but proceed with ” wolf ” before 6 core problem needs to comb below, look together. One, whether can game size affect an experience current 3A your work is apt to with respect to 30-50 G, but this ” wolf ” X1 and PS4 edition are only 12G, doubt of unavoidable generation letting a person, is game volume enough maintain whole game? The answer should be must! The size that does not say to be announced on Steam above all is 25G(and fetch 3 about the same) , first days of patch also has 4G volume.爱上海同城论坛

Game size basically comes from at sticking a graph, make configuration originally the 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

demand is not high, so should nonexistent on content flow decreases, producer also expresses before, this flow and ” dark soul 3 ” ” hematic source ” about the same. According to pot, make altogether 14~16 originally crucial Boss. 2, 3 years are lain between when authorised edition and study edition, another new master piece, although do not have couplet net content this, pure stand-alone, but also cannot hamper the player’s enthusiasm, hard to liking nucleus player, ” ghost sob 5 ” appeal is done not have really ” wolf ” so big. The action type that cruel dazzles, in sky connect indefinitely, knife of Ni Lu knife is red, the feeling is accomplished very hard, but to ” dark soul 3 ” , ” hematic source ” , ” wolf ” for, can connect above all close to already extraordinary great success feels, do not shake bell, do not provoke soul, difficulty is natural big many. So capable the player can support, if like very much, that dozen fold moment to fill a ticket also be possible. Also do not talk about a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of what authorised edition, lead plane party, true it doesn’t matter feels primely but character. The life oneself is too comfortable just be true. 3, do not leave to revise implement 爱上海龙凤419桑拿

about this bit, a lot of people can have different opinion, some players choose the cloud, look at each advocate sow suffer cruel, ah, say that blows him for example, dan Ding flies in the sky, the Dalielie of Ni Lu Dao Daogong. Some people can choose him to experience a lock blood the modification of what implement. Also be上海贵族宝贝论坛

the person has keep in mind each of course. No matter be to leave,revise implement return be use others to file, your game experiences and life will sell at a discount greatly, the game of well-known old enemy, gut is more obscure, not be to pass oneself of little feel climb boil hitting is the shock that game 阿爱上海同城

of later period of very bad experience brings. So, be able to bear or endure strength plays, even if be to see strategy it may not be a bad idea, the time with again long flower also be worth to experience. After all this can be the work that is worth to expect most till 2019 nowadays. 4, game of time of game solution lock will solve a lock at 11 o’clock in the evening on March 21, 2019. At the appointed time can enter game experience for a short while. Issue business diamonds to also cooperate with direct seeding platform, have ” wolf ” fast understand a challenge, detailed ask searchs diamonds game. 5, th上海同城对对碰交友社区

e game content related weapon and skill solution lock, those who believe a lot of players had understood is about the same, emphasize two content, the word of the weapon, leading role looks like to hit a knife, the word as to that not dead behead on the back can be a gut kill, whether can later period use this weapon also textual research of have no way, the likelihood can be used also perhaps. Skill sees the word of the lock, estimation needs above of 2 weeks of eye, a week looks solution cannot lock up overall technical ability, rise full grade estimation to need not little experience to be worth. 6, look about the map from current data, the map should be to have a piece only, because there is freely reed name inside pot. Other and similar pot also was done not have. But from the point of content, try the monk of break a religious precept in playing to should be in of the map the leftest. Review whole Zhang De to pursue, should be perpendicular model, remittent, circle rising also is not the time that meets partly temporarily, of course, later period still has DLC, the DLC of old enemy just is positive, see a player carry the ability of the map on the back so. ” wolf ” in sell like hot cakes of 3DM store privilege, interested player does not want to miss! Click buy

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