Zhou Qi cap of 2 minutes of 3 lids fouls 7 times special power chop 21 minutes of rockets not enemy knight

Beijing time on July 9, pulled Si Wei to add proceed of league matches of Si Xia season 2017, in big fight of a focus, houston rocket meets gram Li Fulan’s knight head-on. Full-court is hit, rocket 90-95 loses Yu Qi person.

This field match, zhou Qi continues a hair, but his efficiency is inferior to a battle apparently, full-court 3 minutes of balls 6 in 0, enter an item in an account 2 minutes of 3 backboard 2 sec上海千花社区

ondary attack, still sent 7 times foul (summertime league matches can be gotten 10 times at most foul) , 4 error.

Troy – Williams Mu this still be rocket number one must part company, he contributes 21 minutes, in order to surpass inferior – Tailede arrives 18 minutes 6 secondary attack.

Knight here, share 5 people to notch on double, among them Field throws small full back below 16 minutes.

First come up, zhou Qi’s performanc上海贵族宝贝交流区

e is more average. Aggression end, zhou Qi was built foul 2 punish completely medium, but in athletic battle, 3 minutes of his skill are regretful however slant piece. Defend upright, enter an item in an account of week fine jade cap of 1 a backboard, lid, eat an individual to foul continuously howeve爱上海龙凤419桑拿

r. Troy – Williams Mu this still be rocket number one must part company, he in dash forward outside cast half ball to with a bang fall 9 minutes. After half pass, bilateral open rotate, zhou Qi is changed end. Knight here much dot blossoms, pull open score gradually. As Andrew – chirp of bosom extreme pressure hits the target 3 minutes ball, only part is hit, chivalric 28-22 is temporarily banner.

Second section, the window on field is not much. This section middle, zhou Qi comes on stage afresh, send very quickly in defend chase after body old hat. But go up in score, the knight continues to precede. Later, zhou Qi is in in aggression transverse pass a ball to be grabbed, and in defending, he fills prevent pat slow partly, be buckled head on by chivalric Jill basket is procurable. Zhou Qi is done not have impatient, next, he carries diversionary firepower in aggression, secondary attack teammate overcomes Reese – Johnson joins a network 3 minutes. This section end paragraph, zhou Qi tries a hand 3 minutes to slant once more piece, half of a game or contest is hit, rocket 40-44 continues to lag behind.

Yi Bian again battle, zhou Qi continues to come on the stage, but in the hand do not have a ball basically, did not gain opportunity of too much expression, turn over be him to foul number continues cumulative, achieved 5 times. After half ball passes, zhou Qi is changed by drill team. Nevertheless, be in imperceptible, the rocket already overtook score. Before 3 ends, TJ- Williams Mu this hit the target 3 minutes ball, 3 are hit, chivalric 65-62 continues to precede.

Minor details, zhou Qi comes on stage again, although behave very effort, but, still cannot break athletic battle to notch barren. And in defending, of Zhou Qi foul number continues to promote, achieve 6 times. Enter finally 4 minutes, close over of week fine jade of Dawaleisi go up basket, gai Maoda arrives 3 times. But later, 3 minutes of skill in his aggression slant again however piece. The match returns remnant 2 minutes, troy – Williams Mu Si Jiang grabs bring up the rear all right cruel buckle cent difference is wiped smooth. The moment of truth, kathy – Pulase is c爱上海同城

onnected in two write down 3 minutes, side knight lives fi上海千花网论坛

rmly condition.

Zhou Qi defends successfully interference, the last time that goes上海同城对对碰交友社区

all out for the rocket attacks an opportunity. After this, in order to surpass inferior – breakthrough of travel of peaceful Le Jiang is procurable, the rocket chases after score smooth, both sides is entered when adding.

In the contest when adding, zhou Qi obtains an arc 3 minutes opportunity, but did not hit the target. And had turned round to come, bulandeng – Paul joins a network 3 minutes, heart of Er of humble of small full back built Zhou Qi to foul again 2 punish 1 in. Later, rocket soon time is insufficient, begin to use go to foul tactics. Regretful is, this action not be successful. Final, full-court is hit, rocket 90-95 loses Yu Qi person. (wave the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces)

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