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After ran moves, somebody of classics regular meeting feels muscle ache, this is caused without the reason that notes relevant item actually, to muscle ache appears after precautionary ran, must do before ranForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Sufficient warm-up, ran hind must not stop immediately, can don’t go yet period of time, can undertake massage and flapping waiting a moment to systemic muscle additionally, a lot of people fear ran can damage knee joint, whether does this kind of concern have scientific basis?

Can ran harm knee joint?

Can ran harm knee joint?

The health of knee is a topic of ran bound eternity, want only after allShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Go ran uses knee with respect to need, since used knee, that is unavoidable the injury of knee, so this is the difficult problem that the person that a lot of running should face!

Many people are in now ballyhoo ranShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Injure knee, be in even newNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Hear report paper to go up to be able to see such-and-such someone ran injures knee, the news that the route cannot take, because,be such, so a lot of people produce awe-stricken heart to ran now!

So can ran wear away really knee joint? Is true condition what kind of? The knee joint health that how should let oneself again if first? These can be the problems of a few special keys, very regretful is, a lot of people oversight they!

As a ran old ran amounts to a person today, will to everybody discuss two issues, hope everybody can know right answer, hope everybody can have protected his knee, and go sensibly ran!

Can ran harm knee joint?

Can ran wear away really knee?

Actually ran is to be able to wear away knee, can make knee causes certain loss! But what must be clear about is, knee is to have certain self-healing capacity, what want attaint only is not very serious, slightForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Wearing away is can of complete rehabilitate!

Because have such capacity,be, so knee can get repair after wear away, and become stronger more, knee health can get better improvement! If the method of ran is wrong or excessive ran, that circumstances differs completely!

If the degree of knee injury had exceeded the capacity of knee rehabilitate, so the knee that ran can injure, the knee health that let is injured badly, this thed loss outweights the gain!

Can ran harm knee joint?

The knee health that how should let oneself so if first?

1. reasonable ran

Reasonable ran, include reasonable ran rate, reasonable ran is apart from, should accomplish only these two are reasonable, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The possibility of ran injury knee can fall lowest, some people like excessive run, so knee morning and evening can discard as useless!

Knee also is to have bear of ability, what should run only is not too much, everyday ran 30 minutes OK, had better use the method that lies between a day to run next, enough health is like such knee ability first!

2. muscle protection

Sarcous is protected to knee it is very important, the very much person that run gets hurt is the ham because of them, inadequacy of crus muscle strength brings about, the probability that when ham crus jumps over faint ran, gets hurt is bigger!

Actually the muscle on ham crus is equivalent to damping belt, the wallop when be born can pass these muscle and get sufficient absorption, such knee can get very good protection, it is not easy to want to get hurt.

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