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The swift method that short leg means to run is to have more, can strengthening physical training at ordinary times, increase the frequency of ran, raise the rate of ran thereby. What dash runs is fast it is the outbreak that needs to raise early days force, the rise that makes speed rapid rises, and insisting to take exercise at ordinary times, between stimulative muscle adjust, and the pose that should notice ran, everybody can know the method of dash, raise carry momentum of everybody.

How does dash run quickly

1, exercise staying power

The means that endurance sex exercises has on foot, fitness runs, swim, bicycle, row, mountain-climbing and certain ball games, also but adjust measures to local conditions uses place to run, skip, scramble the way such as stair.

Endurance takes exercise can divide to have oxygen endurance is mixed the endurance that do not have oxygen. Motion of endurance having oxygen includes long-distance race, swim, mountain-climbing, strong and handsome hold etc. Without oxygen endurance motion includes to erupt motion, wait like dash, high jump, long jump.

How does dash run quickly

2, accumulate power

Erupt the person with poorer force should notice to shorten athletic distance. It is with long-distance running exemple, can from everyday 500 meters begin, transfer gradually 800 meters, 1000 meters wait. Exercise optional chooseForum of Shanghai night net

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Pull-up, push-up, crouch, diving tower rank, fast run wait for motion, also but dumbbell of have the aid of, tensile implement wait for appliance. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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3, the move about arm that hold out a bosom

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In ran process, human body is wasting energy ceaselessly, appear easily fatigue state, if can maintain,look up at this moment hold out a bosom, so bow-backed to improvement state is very helpful, conduce to the breath that improves human body circulatory system and it is normal to build remember condition.

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In move about arm of the around in ran process, the balance sex chime that can hold the body moves a gender, make the body more natural swing, the hand does not leak before wanting when move about arm, ancon does not leak after, natural swing as the footstep. Notice ranShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Pose, body pitch, around move about arm, a lot of people often control move about arm. The left and right sides avoids when running substantially rock.

Speed depends on step and frequency, frequency increases very hard, should increase step hard, can adjust through increasing the scope of move about arm as far as possible.

How does dash run quickly

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4, nose suction nozzle breathes out

The breath when ran is far-reaching and long, use nose suction nozzle to breathe out commonly, physical strength drops relatively serious it is to be able to use mouth suction nozzle to breathe out means.

5, be born amortize

Ran of a lot of people is complete sole touchdown, the voice when be born is bigger also. And right movement is, calcaneal wants when be born of foot of ran rise high into the air first touchdown, transfer again next complete sole, this is a kind of protection of pair of ankles, knee, prevent the happening of periostitis.

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