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Puny female, muscle is faint, thin and small can’ts bear, although small but want somewhat as, small make up raise for everybody action, practice gem gal, can enhance arm power, let you be absent insignificant, follow below small make up learn style of muscle gem gal together.

The weight sex of hand department action

Why should practice brachial flesh at the same time? Above all, it is for the balance. Gem1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Gal very face up to a balance to grow, do not make crural strong handle too much, also do not let oneself the exercise of a sink posture law, want to pass the exercise of various diversification however, let him impartiality abandon some, such ability achieve the balance of spirit of body and mind to grow.

Moreover, on the body, the hand also is the very main part on the body, if take a tool, move a heavy thing, write repeatedly even, needForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Want healthy and strong hand to cooperate.

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Say so, we should strengthen our arm to take exercise in daily life, can be opposite not only so our arm has profit very much, also have good help to our upper part of the body.

Still have, according to medical home research, want to prevent senile and gawkish disease, should great ” 3 move ” . That is: Start work more, move more the mouth uses a base with how.

The nerve that has a lot of because of these 3 place yuan, concatenate to difference the cranial nerve of area piece, change these places more, can be stimulated naturally and behavior cranial nerve, make oneself concatenate ” beat one’s brains ” state.

And connect with hand ministry nerve the transmission of cerebral ministry is apart from short, often start work so gawkish to old age disease has very great help.

So, through taking exercise our arm can defer our anile career effectively, this also is why handicraft person the reason that cerebral ministry degrades not easily is in!

The expert thinksLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
, modern is abiding come down mobile time is very few, with the hand for, it is to move likely use finger and wrist, take a mobile phone for instance, drive, have a meal, by the remote controller.

Still use in limb compared with fast ancient pithecanthrope walk on the ground, hand and base are euqally strong, be with pithecanthrope can evolution of by absolutely person becomes the mankind.

At the moment hand ministry of the mankind degrades with each passing day, also be in even foot and mouth degrade, go out it is beyond the mark to rely on vehicle, food beauty is changed, the cerebral ministry that the city lets the mankind degrades instead was missing.

And, person of some gem gal thinks, add hand ministry muscle to drill neatly, can arouse the mankind’s primitive instinct, do not live so comfortable life again so, move more move.

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