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Trout is a kind of large fish, see harder in our life, give priority to in order to breed more at present. The flesh of trout is qualitative fresh and tender, moment make it all sorts of fish are big eat. And of raw to liking to eat fishForum of Shanghai night net

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For the person, can be golden trout eaten raw? How Where is cooking? Everybody gives the simple way that introduces a few kinds of trout below. Hope everybody understands.

Can be golden trout eaten raw? How Where is cooking?

Golden trout, it is world rare fingerling, belong to division of redfish of herring form eye, at present already1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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86 countries and area introduce a fine variety breed. The practice of trout is very much, can braise in soy sauce, dry burn, steam, a condiment made of roast prickly ash and salt is waited a moment, no matter which are planted practice, the mouthfeel that does is admirable.

Practice one:

1, cut trout small above all, with wine and saline souse half hour.

2, make a plate, the silk that nod green is put below, jiang Si, fill up a celery, let there are a few spaces below dish, going up so boiler evaporate when can every place can evaporate arrives. Of the fish above also put some of green ginger.

3, sit boiler, after big baked wheaten cake leavesSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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, put the fish again. All the time the fish take after evaporate is ripe.

4, go up on the fish soy, vinegar.

Can be golden trout eaten raw? How Where is cooking?

5, final burst Chinese prickly ash is oily, fall on the fish next. A delicate and goluptious steamed gold trout has been done.

Practice 2:

Material: Crouch a fish, bean curd one small1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Piece, tomato, hot pickled mustard tuber 5. Green, jiang Er piece.

Flavoring: Wine one big spoon, salt one small spoon, pepper a few

Can be golden trout eaten raw? How Where is cooking?

Trout is abluent, cut 3 paragraphs, after the boil in putting boiled water, make down fire, add alcoholic drink one big spoon and had cutForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Jiang Si. Bean curd is cut thick piece put, boil ten minutes, put hot pickled mustard tuber then, add salt to flavor. The tomato that puts section finally is boiled together, the flameout after 5 minutes, fill piece, scatter the chopped green onion that has cut and pepper can.

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